May 31st – The End

Today’s banding/closing crew: Marnie, Sian, yours truly, Caleb, Mike (Joanne was walking her dog and Carol was hiding behind a tree….but they were there). -S. LaFleur

We worked really hard over the last couple of days to squeeze out enough birds to bring our Spring banding total to 2,000 but……we fell a few short, finishing with 1,996 – our 3rd highest Spring total. I will write more about the last couple of days and about the banding results in subsequent posts – just not enough hours in a day.

We’ve had a great run thanks to the 68 individuals who volunteered their time to make things happen – a total of 1,648 hours!!

End of year celebratory cake thanks to Sherri. I wonder how many calories have been contributed by our volunteers over the season……. -S. LaFleur

Top Ten:
1. American Goldfinch – 527 (a new record)
2. Yellow Warbler – 123
3. Gray Catbird – 93
4. White-throated Sparrow – 84
5. Brown-headed Cowbird – 79
6. Chipping Sparrow – 66
7. Common Yellowthroat – 63
8. Yellow-rumped Warbler – 62
8. Dark-eyed Junco – 62
10. Ruby-crowned Kinglet – 58

Number of species banded: 87 spp.

Number of species encountered on the site: 146 spp.

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